Gourmet Border Backgrounds

I've been developing my cooking site for a year now, and have found that Food and Cooking related Borders and Wallpaper is really hard to find. Here are some borders and wallpaper that I've made for myself that I hope you will find useful.
Most of the images come from CD's that I've purchased or pictures I've scanned and then edited more to my liking
Please copy them to your own hard drive as I may change the name of them... ya just never know ! All you have to do is right click with the mouse and "save as" ... voila ! The images are larger than shown here (to make downloading faster). They are designed as 1024 X 125 which should work in most browsers.
You'll need to use the following code to make your text format look good on these borders.

Just after the body background tag put in the following:
<table width=80% align=right><tr><td>

I sometimes change the table width to 75% or 85%, it depends mostly on personal taste. Play around and see what you prefer, and what works best with any given border.

At the end of the page, you'll need to close the table tag as follows:


avocado border - pale green background
candy border with green background
Candy border with yellow background
Potato Chip Border with white background
Potato Chip Button Border with black background
Potato Chip Button Border with yellow Background

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