Lu's Food Clip Art

fborder11.giffborder11.gif fborder11.gif
This is my collection of food clip art collected from
from all over the Web, and the many many clip art collections
I have purchased, and in some cases modified.
Many have been used on Lu's Recipe Extravagnaza pages,and others may appear shortly!

I have tried very hard to avoid using any images that
people have created and asked specifically that they
not be included in other collections, unfortunately
my documnetation when I first beagn to "surf" was not
that detailed.  If I have included an image, that
shouldn't be here, please please let me know!

I will also be building a list of links to resources
on the net that I have found helpful time and time


    Special thanks goes to Ace of Space
    who provided this border and many others on my site.
Go now to see the latest addition to the collection... Flower Power Borders!

    To download any of these images..just right click on your
    mouse and save image as.... :)

banana bunch   bagel image   soup bowl image   loaf of bread

   cauliflower image        Cinnamon roll
   tallglass drink

fborder11.giffborder11.gif fborder11.gif

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