RecipeLu has two hobbies... cooking and shopping !! All of my pages so far have been about cooking, and now it's time take a break and do some shopping =)

If you love cookbooks, go to my cookbook section, read my reviews for the books I have, want or have heard about, and then if you covet them.. order through if you want to shop in US dollars or if you prefer Canadian dollars. Are you a magazine junkie like me?? Try the section for some great discounts, or if you need a special gift for someone, do your Holiday shopping without the crowds, check put the new section.

Craving Fresh Lobster?, Chocolate truffles?, baked goods by mail?? for gourmet treats may be just what you need!

I've only just started.. so bookmark this site and come back often for other great shopping experiences and fun on the WWW =)

Hope you enjoy yourself =)

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