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Cooking with RecipeLu LogoThe RecipeLu mailing list was born on September 7, 1997. Set up as a friendly forum to discuss Food, recipes, cooking techiniques, Holiday Themes, Cookbooks, magazines and anything else food related, we now have a family of almost 700 and growing!!

This page will change frequently as we on the list change. Check here for the Theme Week Calendar, Special Events and List member projects.

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This document last modified October 10, 2000

The Archives

The Archives for Cooking with RecipeLu for 1998 & 1999 are available for download at Driveway

Want even more recipes??? You're in luck, we have more ARCHIVES! We've got 1000's more recipes for you to enjoy. Just click on the rolling pin !!

Members Special Contributions

Buster Lessons
By Sooz

Disaster Stories

Compiled by Sooz !

At Recipelu any and ALL recipes are welcome at all times!! Any Format, any Category, tried, untried.. you name it.. we want it !

Need some help with the list? Want to talk to mom or her helper? You can send mail to Lu or Diane any time =) Just click on our names *g*

Something a little special at RecipeLu is our Theme Weeks ! Each week we have 2 different categories that are featured.

Recipes posted for Theme Week are usually marked TW in the subject line of the post.

Here is the Theme Week Calendar so far.. so go grab your best TW recipes and send them on in.

Remember you can submit any recipe at any time.. no restrictions, TW related or not ! It's just a fun way to share specific topics that people have requested.

If you have any ideas for future Theme Weeks, please send your request to: List Mom Lu will add your request to the list...and you'll get some GREAT recipes.

Here's the Theme Week Calendar for October 2000!!

October 16 - 22, 2000

Halloween Specialties Treats for kids, Orange & Black themed food, recipes with Gross names, ideas, decorations or crafts for Halloween... We look forward to it all =)

Squash The zucchini is finally gone (mostly) so now we can move into Winter squashes, Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti,

October 23 - 30, 2000

Roasted Dinners - Fall is upon us, and warm comforting roasted meal warm both the soul and the house. Share your favourite roasted dinner meal, or ones that you'd like to try this fall.

Simple Sides - Simple side dishes, with 5 ingredients or less, prepared in under 30 minutes AND that taste great are what we're looking for here... I know we've all got these recipes stashed away somewhere - Let's SHARE !

Guidelines and Info

Most of all we want to have fun here so there are no Rules... we have however come up with guidelines and information about the software that will make things easier for all.

To Post to the list, send messages to:

You can manage your account, set yourself to digest, go nomail etc by joining egroups.

If you need to reach me directly for administrative things, Unsubscribing to the list, or changing to digest or out of digest please don't post to the whole list.. I can be reached directly at: or talk to Diane at

Other Stuff
It would be great if we could make sure that we don't include the entire previous message when using the reply to button (just makes lots of duplicates). It also helps to change the subject line if applicable.

A couple of quick short forms that can be used in the subject line:

REPOST - indicating that the recipe was posted here recently

ISO or RQ: In search of/Request would mean we all new immediately that you were looking for a particular recipe.

REC or COLLECTION(3) - Would indicate that a recipe or collection of recipes was included. the ( ) changing depending on how many were included.

REC REV: Recipe Review ! We love these and titling them this way will ensure that everyone reads what you have to say =)

Comments, other suggestions, go ahead and post em to the list, but why not include a recipe, food fact, tip, trick, or joke?

TAG Rules 1. When you tag someone please send them a personal mail as well as post to the list.

2. Ask for a recipe or recipes that you have been looking for or a recipe with some ingredient you would like to use. Make it challanging not impossible!!

3. Try to fulfill your tag as soon as possible but you may take up to 3 days. Day one is the day you are tagged and the following 2 days.

4. HAVE FUN !!!! !!!!